Voyage Voyage – Psilocybin Chocolates 1250mg

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voyage VOYAGE artisan chocolate is a great way to travel.  Each magic mushroom chocolate contains a perfect dose for taking a little trip inside.
Made of finely crafted Belgian chocolate containing 55% cocoa.  These beautiful psilocybin chocolates are not too sweet nor too bitter.
Featuring hand-painted abstractions inspired by Jackson Pollock.  These mini works of art are perfect for solo missions or for sharing at your next gathering.

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Approx 1280mg psilocybin mushroom per box.

4 chocolates per box.  320mg active ingredient per chocolate.

Each box is unique.  Hand painted and hand crafted using fair trade Belgian chocolate.

Magic mushroom chocolate.  Please keep out of reach of children.


7 reviews for Voyage Voyage – Psilocybin Chocolates 1250mg

  1. Robbie W

    Great and smooth experience. Will order again for sure.

  2. Sylvester

    The chocolate quality is amazing, you can’t anything besides good quality chocolate.
    As for the effects, I’d say it hits you faster than eating dried mushrooms, but the trip is very mild. Def good for parties and social events/gatherings.

  3. Albert Y

    These truffles were magically delicious! Perfect amount per chocolate to feel good at an ecstatic dance 🙂 also beautifully artistic

  4. April M

    Was my first time but definitely not the last! As a first timer, I really enjoyed the taste and the feeling. I highly recommend!

  5. Andre

    These chocolates look great. Their presentations and the neat box design make them look like high end delicate chocolates which in my opinion they are. The dosage is just right for a perfect evening with friends. I cannot recommend enough!

  6. David

    The taste of this chocolate is incredibly delicious- make sure you don’t leave them around unattended! The dosage is great – a soft buzz 🐝

  7. Jennifer

    Stoked on these original little chocolates. Make for a good high and a fun spirited night. They are beautiful! I’m really happy you came out with a smaller pack because its more in my budget. 🙂

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