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You want to buy more than one magic mushroom grow kit by FreshMushrooms®? Order a Magic Mushroom Grow Kits package deal and get a huge discount!

You choose your own FreshMushrooms® grow kits. You want to choose five the same? You can! Or maybe a few different FreshMushrooms® grow kits? do it!

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Magic Mushroom Grow Kits 5 package deal buy online ann arbor.

Grow Kits 5 package: You wish to purchase more than one FreshMushrooms® magic mushroom grow kit. Get a sizable discount when you order a Magic Mushroom Grow Kits bundle!

You select the FreshMushrooms® to grow kits that you want. You want to make five identical choices. You may! Or perhaps a variety of FreshMushrooms® grow kits? do it!

Place an order for you and your buddies. Choose from a variety of FreshMushrooms® grow kits today.

The benefits of choosing a Grow Kits 5 package

  • Rapid growth: initial pins ready in one week
  • Maximum yields: 4 flushes. (in ideal circumstances)
  • High Potency: The XP (Extra Strong) strains, according to the provider, are twice as potent!

The Fresh Mushroom Discount contains 5 packs of 5x XP Kits for growing mushrooms that include rye substrate with live mycelium

Growbag #1 – The bag has filtered around it.

Two paper clips are needed to close the grow bag.

You must

Misting is necessary for the humidity level, thus use a misting bottle.

For misting and soaking, use potable water

Work in a clean environment to prevent contamination from other bacteria and fungus (microorganisms).

Surgical gloves are advised.

facial mask

hand sanitizer for hands

surface-cleaning agent

Bag of water

Thermo mat, a thermometer

How to get ready before you start, both physically and mentally

All windows should be shut. Microorganisms that could infect the Magic Mushroom grow kit could be carried by the wind or a draught.

Put the grow box with the cake in a clean area after removing it from the carton box. Microorganisms may stick to the grow box if this surface were dirty, flourish inside the Magic Mushroom grow kit, and contaminate the grow box.

Be cautious to keep your hands and arms tidy while working. When handling the kit, we advise using surgical gloves or a reliable disinfectant. To prevent breathing on the cake and into the grow bag, you should use a facemask.

Starting the Magic Mushroom Grow Kit: Instructions

  1. Remove the paperclip, plastic bag, and magic mushroom grow kit from the box under running water, and rinse the lid. You’ll require it once more later (step 7).
  2. Insert the lidless mushroom grow kit into the plastic grow bag (opening at the top). The bag’s opening should be slid under the base with the micro perforation facing upward. The bag’s opening has mostly closed at this point. Concerning airflow, you should not worry.
  3. You can set the grow bag upright once you notice the first little mushrooms, known as pins. Avoid watering! After then, the first magic mushrooms will become evident.
  4. Keep the bag partially open so that moisture can escape when the mushrooms are slightly larger than the pins (Phase 2). Moisture in excess is not desirable.
  5. Multiple mushroom harvests can be produced with these kits. After the first harvest, do this by putting clean tap water in the kit. Cold shock is the term for this procedure. It gives the mycelium fresh vitality and makes sure there is enough moisture for the mushrooms to thrive.
  6. Replace the grow kit’s lid on the container. Give the kit 12 hours to relax. To remove the extra water, pry open a corner of the lid. From this point, repeat the instructions from step 1 as necessary. Multiple iterations of this procedure are possible.

If you pick the mushrooms too late, they will drop their magic mushroom spores. Due to the spores, the cake and the mushrooms will turn black or purple (some other cubensis strains will turn red or brown). This is only an aesthetic issue; it’s not truly a concern.

WEIGHT (KG) 6.0000
GROW KIT TYPE FreshMushrooms
SIZE Normal
SPECIES Psilocybe cubensis
POTENCY Average / High
YIELD (FROM) 100 grams
YIELD (TO) 300 gram


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