Shroom Delivery: Everything You Need to Know About Ordering Magic Mushrooms Online

Shroom Delivery

silocybin, the primary psychedelic constituent in magic mushrooms, has been a Schedule I drug in the United States since 1968 and is illegal in most other countries.

Recently, public sentiment and laws surrounding the possession and use of this drug have changed in some areas leading to its decriminalization.

This decriminalization has inevitably led to the appearance of magic mushroom delivery services online.

In this article, you’ll learn what companies are shipping shrooms, how the delivery services work, and the outlook on the legal status of magic mushrooms in the United States and Canada.

How Shroom Delivery Works

Companies that deliver magic mushrooms usually operate within a legal grey area. They may sell doses that are low enough that it isn’t technically illegal (hence the uprising of companies selling microdoses).

Other times, these companies are breaking the law, but the penalties for their distribution aren’t severe enough to prompt officers to go after them.

Challenges with tracking down magic mushroom vendors in order to prosecute them often bring more costs than it’s worth — especially in places where magic mushrooms aren’t seen as a problem. This mainly involves places where magic mushrooms are already decriminalized.

Shroom Delivery

Where To Find Magic Mushrooms For Delivery

There are many companies offering magic mushrooms online. Some are city-specific and may even offer direct same-day or next-day delivery.

Others rely on the postal service to deliver your package and will therefore ship to most of the country.

1. Arbor Shrooms — USA

Arbor Shrooms is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the United States, one of the few places where psilocybin is decriminalized in the country.

2. SoulCybin — USA

SoulCybin is an online-only store that ships microdoses of psilocybin to the continental U.S.

3. Exotic Blooms — USA

Exotic Blooms is a marijuana and mushroom dispensary located in Washington, D.C. They have a storefront and deliver their products to the surrounding area.

4. WholeCelium — USA & Canada

WholeCelium ships psilocybin mushrooms and grow kits to customers in the United States, Canada, and several other countries. They are an online store only.

5. Mike On a Bike — Canada

Mike On a Bike is a weed and shroom delivery service that provides magic mushrooms throughout Vancouver, Canada. As you can imagine from the name, your shrooms are delivered via bike courier.

6. Utopia Mushrooms — Canada

Utopia Mushrooms is another Vancouver-based shroom delivery service. You can also order their products online for delivery through the post if you live elsewhere in Canada.

Psilocybin and the mushrooms containing this substance have been outlawed in most countries worldwide, with very few exceptions.

Below is a list of all countries that have legalized or decriminalized shrooms:

In addition to the above areas, psilocybin mushrooms have been decriminalized in a handful of countries.

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There are only a few places in the United States where shrooms are decriminalized, such as Oregon, several municipalities in ColoradoCalifornia, and Washington, D.C.

In Canada, psilocybin is legal for use in palliative care already and will likely be legal for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and addiction at some point in 2022.

Currently, the only municipality where shrooms are decriminalized is Vancouver, British Columbia.

Magic Mushroom Laws in America

What’s the Future of Magic Mushroom Delivery?

It’s unlikely that psilocybin will be removed from the Schedule I status on a federal level for several more years. However, in the United States, each state has the ability to create its own laws. This is the same thing that’s happened with marijuana (which is still considered a Schedule I drug by the DEA).

There are already a handful of states that have moved to legalize the medicinal use of psilocybin or decriminalize all-natural psychedelics.

Canada is on the brink of legalizing psilocybin for medicinal use across the whole country, and several European countries are setting up to follow suit.

Key Takeaways: Can I Get Shrooms Delivered?

Some parts of the world are more lenient about the sale of psychedelics than others. In places where laws are more relaxed, you can already order magic mushrooms online and have them delivered.

Arbor Shrooms, SoulCybin, WholeCelium, and Exotic Blooms are some of the more popular companies delivering shrooms to U.S. customers.

In Canada, residents in certain areas can have shrooms delivered from Mike On a Bike, Utopia Mushrooms, and WholeCelium.

Psilocybin is likely to be decriminalized in more areas throughout the United States and Canada in the near future. While recreational shrooms are unlikely to become wholly legalized, they’re already on the path to becoming legal for medical use in both countries.

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