Where to Find Shrooms for Sale Online in the USA

Searching for shrooms online in the USA can be tricky. This article will guide you to safe and legal options for buying shrooms online.

shrooms for sale

Key Takeaways

  • Magic mushroom products can be purchased online from trusted retailers that will ship nationwide. See the top 3 trusted brands and tasty products ranging from mushroom chocolate to mushroom gummies below.
  • You can also buy shrooms online in the USA from websites like Schedule35, Psychedelia Webstore, Mycology Direct, Shroom Street Market, and Fungi Farmacy Online. Each offers a range of products from dried mushrooms to microdosing capsules.
  • In Canada, options for purchasing magic mushrooms online include Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary in Vancouver, Schedule35, Shroom World, Mungus Shrooms, The Third Wave for educational resources and links to dispensaries and Mindful Meditation Canada for holistic healing experiences with shrooms.
  • Before buying magic mushrooms online, check the website’s credibility by looking at customer reviews and confirming their products are lab-tested. Use secure payment methods and ensure discreet shipping to protect your privacy and safety.

Finding Shrooms Online in the USA

shrooms sale

Hunting for shrooms online in the USA? You’re in luck because plenty of websites offer exactly what you need.

Top Shroom Brands that Ship Nationwide

1. TRE House Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

shrooms sale

Unlock Mind-Expanding Flavors with All-Natural Ingredient Chocolate Bars


  • Enjoy free shipping on orders over $75
  • Get a 60-day guarantee with each purchase
  • Product is made in the USA, ensuring quality
  • Verified potency for guaranteed satisfaction
  • Compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill
  • Warning: May cause psychedelic experiences!

Dive into a world where chocolate meets visionary adventure with these unique chocolate bars. Each piece is packed with a blend of mushroom extracts, transforming your snack time into an extraordinary journey. Imagine indulging in flavors like cookies & cream, fruity cereal, and classic chocolate milk while embarking on a mental voyage that enhances focus, memory, creativity, and mood. This isn’t just any treat; it’s your ticket to exploring new realms of cognitive function and well-being.

The secret behind the magic? A cutting-edge mix of nootropics and liposomes ensures you’re not only getting a delicious bite but also receiving nutrients directly to your cells for maximum impact. Whether you’re looking to break free from the mundane or boost your brainpower in the tastiest way possible, this chocolate bar is crafted for those who dare to explore beyond the conventional. You’re guaranteed munchies satisfaction with every purchase—plus, they come with a 60-day guarantee and are made right here in the USA under strict quality controls.

Remember, though—they pack a punch! With psychotropic effects akin to THC gummies but through all-natural ingredients like lion’s mane mushroom and Rhodiola Rosea, each square offers more than just taste; it provides an experience. Perfect for nights in or out where ordinary simply won’t do.


  • Experience a new level of taste with this Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar, offering flavors like cookies & cream, fruity cereal, and chocolate milk. Each bite melts in your mouth, delivering not just a burst of flavor but also an unforgettable journey beyond the ordinary.
  • Dive into the benefits of these proprietary blend of mushroom extracts. This mix isn’t just about trippy effects—it’s crafted to enhance cognitive functions too. Imagine feeling more focused, creative, and in an overall better mood after indulging in a piece (or two)!
  • These chocolate bars come with 15 squares each—perfect for sharing or for finding that sweet spot dose on your own terms. Whether you’re looking to unwind solo or light up a party with friends, these chocolates are your ticket to a good time.
  • Get peace of mind knowing you’re consuming all-natural ingredients. We believe in the power of nature’s gifts without adding any artificial stuff into the mix. It’s guilt-free enjoyment at its finest!
  • Worry less about allergic reactions; we’re upfront about warnings and ingredients—yes, there may be psychotropic effects because let’s face it—that’s part of the fun! But we also ensure you know exactly what’s inside before taking a bite.
  • Enjoy hassle-free shopping experience with perks like free shipping on orders over $75 and a solid 60-day guarantee. Ordering magic mushrooms online has never been easier or safer; we’ve got you covered from click to trip.
  • Remember those days when searching for top – quality magic mushrooms online felt like navigating through uncharted territories? Those days are gone! With every purchase promising both satisfaction guaranteed and munchies galore—you’ve found more than just chocolate; you’ve discovered an adventure waiting to happen.


  • Enjoy a unique experience with each of the 15 squares — every piece is a step into an extraordinary adventure.
  • Dive into flavors that wow, like cookies & cream, fruity cereal, and chocolate milk. It’s not just about the journey; it’s also about taste!
  • Rest easy knowing you’re indulging in all – natural ingredients. It’s good stuff from the earth, nothing else added.
  • Explore the benefits of mushroom extracts without sacrificing flavor — it’s a proprietary blend that sets this bar apart.
  • Be prepared for an unforgettable ride; these aren’t your grandma’s chocolates. But remember, they can pack quite the punch!


  • May not be legal in some areas, check your local laws before indulging.
  • Could lead to unpredictable effects, everyone reacts differently.
  • Not suitable for those under 21 or with certain health conditions, always proceed with caution.

The Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar is perfect for adventurers at heart–those who crave not just a treat, but an experience. If you love exploring new flavors and seek something beyond the ordinary, this is your match. With its unique blend of mushroom extracts wrapped in mouthwatering chocolate flavors ranging from cookies & cream to fruity cereal, it promises more than just satisfaction; it invites you on a journey. Remember, though, with great flavor comes great responsibility. Ready to explore? Grab your Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar today!

TRE House Strawberry Dream Magic Mushroom Gummies from

shrooms sale

Unlock Nature’s Power with Chewy, Mind-Opening Strawberry Gummies


  • Get trippy for sure with every pack.
  • Save money when you buy two packs together.
  • Enjoy free shipping if you spend over $75.
  • Made right here in the USA.
  • Trust in their strength; it’s checked and true.
  • Follows the rules of the 2018 Farm Bill, so no worries there.

Dive into a sweet adventure with our vegan-friendly gummies, popping with juicy strawberry flavor. Each pack brings you 15 chewy treats infused with a unique mushroom blend, crafted for those moments when you crave mind-melting euphoria without the earthy taste of traditional magic mushrooms. Ideal for newcomers and seasoned explorers alike, these gummies are made from all-natural ingredients, ensuring a clean and potent experience every time—just remember, they pack a punch that may lead to psychotropic effects.

Experience body buzz like never before, along with feelings of deep relaxation and cerebral stimulation that’ll have your creativity soaring. Whether you’re looking to enhance your mood or explore new mental landscapes, these gummies offer an accessible entry point. They absorb just like cannabis edibles but deliver a distinctly grounded sensation that’s both uplifting and comforting. Perfect if you’re aiming for a switch from your usual hemp-derived products or simply seeking an unforgettable journey through the rabbit hole of euphoria. Remember to start low and go slow—your path to bliss awaits in every bite.


  • Dive into a sweet escape with the Strawberry Dream Magic Mushroom Gummies, each bite bursting with delicious strawberry flavor. Imagine the joy of savoring your favorite childhood candy while embarking on a mind-expanding journey. These gummies seamlessly merge pleasure with the profound, making every experience both delightful and enlightening.
  • Benefit from a proprietary mushroom blend designed to elevate your senses and ground your body simultaneously. This isn’t just any mix; it’s a carefully crafted recipe bringing together nootropics and adaptogens for an experience that buzzes through you like electric joy. Picture yourself feeling both uplifted and utterly at peace, all thanks to this unique concoction.
  • Say goodbye to unnatural ingredients! These gummies boast an all-natural composition ensuring that you’re only putting the best into your body. Think about it – enjoying potent effects without compromising on health standards is what sets these gummies apart. It’s like finding out your favorite indulgence is also good for you!
  • With 15 chewy, mind – melting pieces per pack, there’s plenty to go around or save for later sessions of exploration and relaxation. Whether you’re sharing a moment with friends or looking for some solo introspection time, having this many in one pack means always being prepared for wherever your mood takes you.
  • Don’t worry about getting lost in space – clear warnings ensure you know exactly what psychotropic adventures await. Knowledge is power, especially when venturing into new experiences. By understanding the potential effects beforehand, you can approach each session with excitement rather than uncertainty.
  • Take advantage of free shipping on orders over $75 plus access to munchies guaranteed to pair perfectly with your euphoric expedition—we’ve thought of everything! Just as planning a trip requires knowing what snacks to bring along for enjoyment and energy, we’ve covered all bases so that every aspect of your journey is nothing short of spectacular.
  • Imagine enjoying all these features while being assured of their potency and compliance under the 2018 Farm Bill—this isn’t just another product; it’s an invitation to explore new dimensions safely and enjoyably.


  • Dive into a world of flavor with Strawberry Dream Magic Mushroom Gummies — each pack comes with 15 chewy treats, making it easy to enjoy at your own pace.
  • Say goodbye to artificial nasties! These gummies boast all-natural ingredients for a clean, guilt-free indulgence.
  • Experience something extraordinary — the proprietary mushroom blend is specially designed to take your mind on an adventure.
  • Worried about unexpected effects? Each gummy gives a consistent experience, ensuring no surprises so you can relax and explore safely.
  • Embrace the natural way to unwind. Forget synthetic alternatives; these gummies provide an earth-friendly option that’s kinder to both you and the planet.


  • Keep out of reach from kids and pets, as these gummies look tempting but pack a serious punch.
  • Not for everyone; if you’re new to magic mushrooms, start slow—these gummies are potent!
  • Check your local laws first; while incredibly fun, they might not be legal in your area.

The Strawberry Dream Magic Mushroom Gummies are perfect for anyone looking to explore their mind’s creative depths. If you’re an adventurer at heart, craving a journey into vivid imagination and heightened senses, these gummies are your ticket. Made from all-natural ingredients with a proprietary mushroom blend, each chewy treat promises a seamless blend of taste and experience. Remember, they may lead to psychotropic effects, so make sure you’re ready for an unforgettable adventure. Dive in and let your creativity soar!

Top Websites for Purchasing Shrooms in the USA

Exploring the vast online marketplace for psychedelic mushrooms in the USA can feel like an adventure. You want to make sure you’re getting quality products from reputable sources.

  1. Schedule35 shines as a standout option where enthusiasts dive into a world of psilocybe mushrooms. Their branding catches your eye, making shopping for magic shrooms an exciting journey. They offer everything from dried mushrooms to microdosing capsules, catering to both newcomers and seasoned psychonauts.
  2. PsyMarket is the leading psychedlic portal for finding psychedelic deals in every dimension. Offering a curated selection of top-quality psychedelic products, including a variety of psilocybin mushrooms. Their platform is the most extensive product directory for the psychonaut community. PsyMarket caters to both the curious newcomers and the experienced explorers, providing detailed product information, user reviews, and educational content to guide every step of your psychedelic journey.
  3. Psychedelia Webstore focuses on providing a wide range of psychedelic substances, including psilocybin-rich mushrooms. Their site is easy to navigate, offering clear descriptions and benefits for each product, whether you’re looking for anti-inflammatory benefits or mental health support.
  4. Mycology Direct positions itself as the go-to for high-grade magic mushrooms with emphasis on nutritional value, listing detailed nutrient and mineral content for their strains. They aim at improving not just mental but physical health, acknowledging the immune-boosting properties of their products.
  5. Shroom Street Market brings a bit of fun into the shopping experience with its playful interface. Beyond just selling magic shrooms, they create a community feel, offering insights into therapy sessions and how psilocybin can aid with anxiety and PTSD.
  6. Fungi Farmacy Online targets those interested in both the psychoactive and nutritional aspects of psychedelic mushrooms. They highlight how their strains are rich in fibers, vitamins like Vitamin D, and minerals that play a crucial role in maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle.

Each website has made strides in decriminalizing psilocybin by ensuring safe and legal avenues for purchase within current laws’ gray areas. As you search these platforms, remember to consider legality based on your location within the USA.

Finding Shrooms Online in USA

shrooms for sale

Ready to explore the exciting world of magic mushrooms in Canada? Get set for a journey as we guide you through top spots online, making your search easy and fun—keep reading to discover more!

Top Websites for Purchasing Shrooms in Canada

Finding shrooms for sale online in Canada is easier than you might think. The key is knowing where to look. Here’s a list of top websites where you can purchase magic mushrooms safely and legally in Canada:

  1. Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary – Based in Vancouver, this dispensary offers a wide range of products from dried magic mushrooms to microdosing capsules. They focus on health benefits like fighting inflammation and boosting the immune system. Their site provides detailed information about each product, making it easy to find what you need.
  2. Schedule35 – Renowned for its amazing branding and advertising, Schedule35 sells psilocybin mushrooms both in the US and Canada. They cater to not just experienced psychonauts but also curious individuals new to the world of hallucinogens. From their website, you can explore various forms of psilocybin, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  3. Shroom World – Offering mail-order services across Canada, Shroom World makes buying shrooms online as easy as sending an email. Whether you’re looking for chocolate bars infused with mushrooms or simple dried shrooms, they’ve got you covered. Plus, their discreet packaging ensures your privacy is always protected.
  4. Mungus Shrooms – Mungus takes pride in providing high-quality psilocybe cubensis strains perfect for those who love exploring different effects and experiences offered by magic mushrooms. Their website also hosts a wealth of information on proper dosing and safety guidelines.
  5. The Third Wave – While not a direct seller, The Third Wave acts as an educational resource that links to reputable Canadian dispensaries. They break down the science behind psilocybin’s effects on depression, anxiety, and more while guiding users towards safe purchasing options.
  6. Mindful Meditation Canada – This site combines the power of magic mushrooms with the practices of meditation and mindfulness for holistic healing experiences. They offer everything from raw shrooms to mushroom tea blends designed to promote inner peace and mental clarity.

Each website listed above provides a secure online platform for purchasing magic mushrooms within Canada’s legal framework—providing both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers access to these powerful substances from the comfort of their homes.

Guide to Purchasing Magic Mushrooms Online Safely

Check the website’s credibility before making a purchase. Look for reviews from other customers and research any online presence or mentions outside their site. Confirm that they offer lab-tested products to ensure quality and safety.

Websites like Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary in Vancouver have set high standards by providing tested shrooms for safer consumption. This step is crucial because it helps you avoid scams and harmful substances.

Always use secure payment methods while buying magic mushrooms online. Platforms such as Cash App or secured credit card transactions protect your financial information. Avoid sellers that only accept untraceable payments, as this could be a sign of fraudulent activity.

Ensure that the seller ships discreetly through trusted services like USPS to maintain privacy and security during delivery. Keep these tips in mind, and browsing for shrooms will not only be fun but safe too!


Finding shrooms for your online adventures across the USA and Canada just got easier. With spots like Schedule35 and the Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary in Vancouver, you’re never far from what you need.

Plus, navigating the web safely while shopping ensures your journey is smooth and worry-free. Ready to explore? The digital path to magic mushrooms is wide open, inviting a world of exploration right at your fingertips.

No doubt, it’s an exciting time for enthusiasts ready to dive into the depths of their minds with just a click!


1. Can I buy shrooms online legally in the USA ?

Yes, but it’s tricky. In some places, like where Scott Wiener has influence, laws are changing. However, always check local laws because each area is different.

2. Are there benefits to using shrooms for health reasons?

Absolutely! Studies show that substances found in shrooms can help with things like arthritis pain and boosting immune cells. Plus, they’ve been linked to reducing worry and panic attacks.

3. What should I look for when buying shrooms online?

Look for reputable sources — think cannabis dispensaries or sites connected with projects like Heroic Hearts Project. They focus on quality and safety.

4. How do shrooms compare to other substances like marijuana or ayahuasca?

Well, each has its own set of effects and uses. Shrooms often offer a more earthy experience — think connection with nature versus the high from marijuana or the deep journey with ayahuasca.

5. Is it true that veterans use shrooms for healing purposes?

Yes! Many veterans find relief from stress by using these natural wonders as part of their healing process — all thanks to their ability to improve mood and aid in recovery from infections through nutrients like beta-glucans.

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