You Can Now Buy Magic Mushrooms Online (100% Legal) 2024

  • With the increased popularity of psychedelic fungi for both recreational and medicinal use, more and more people are taking to the internet to buy magic mushrooms.  Buy Magic Mushrooms Online
  • Although psychedelic mushrooms are becoming more popular, the active ingredient (psilocybin) in the typical “magic mushroom” remains illegal in most countries. Getting caught purchasing psilocybin mushrooms online can lead to harsh penalties in the US and Europe, where drug legislation is tight.
  • Ordering magic mushrooms online can be risky in other ways, too. Many unethical companies sell shroom products that contain harmful synthetic chemicals or simply scam their customers out of their money. 

There are other alternatives — some safer than others. Amanita muscaria is a psychoactive mushroom that can alter a person’s perception without putting them at legal risk…

Top 6 Best Legal Shroom Gummies (2024)

It can be difficult to find genuine legal shroom gummies that contain high-quality muscimol extracts — that’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and found five of the best. Buy Magic Mushrooms Online

Below are the top 5 shroom brands that use Amanita extract and/or other natural psychoactive ingredients in their gummies:

Area 52 Magic Pluto Mushroom Gummies (Top Pick for 2024)

The Seremoni Mushroom gummies were developed by a master herbalist and psychedelics expert to maximize the potency and psychedelic effects. Amanita mushrooms are undeniably trippy, but they need some help to achieve the full psychoactive profile people taking shrooms are looking for. Area 52 achieves this by blending in 5 additional entheogenic plants and 2 functional potentiators. Buy Magic Mushrooms Online

What really makes Area 52 stand out is its meticulous attention to detail. Not only are these gummies exceptionally formulated, but they’re also one of the only companies offering authentic wildcrafted Amanita mushrooms (most use synthetic muscimol). This company has an excellent reputation online selling other legal psychoactive plant extracts (mostly hemp-based), and provides full-panel third-party testing to back everything up.

The Magic Pluto gummies contain 6 mind-bending botanicals and 2 functional potentiators: Amanita muscaria (muscimol), blue lotus flower, dream herb, ashwagandha, L-theanine, hemp extract, vitamin B6, and 5-HTP. 

Product Specifications:

  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Potency: 10 mg muscimol + 15 mg hemp extract
  • Dose: 1–2 gummies
  • Quantity Per Pack: 20 gummies
  • Cost per mg Active Ingredient: $0.40

2 Temple Teleport Sample Pack (20 Pieces Of Magic Mushroom Tea + Chocolate ChocoNaut + Scooby Snacks)

The Temple Teleport Sample Pack is for the psychonauts wanting it all. We’ve put together our best-selling edibles in one package to satisfy the most discerning mind-explorer.

Temple Teleport Sample Pack includes the following:

For the total of 10.5 grams of Magic mushrooms equivalent. Buy Magic Mushrooms Online

Temple Magic Mushroom Chocolate Choconaut  made from fine imported Swiss milk chocolate. Our special blend provides a smooth velvety texture of milk chocolate in every bite. Each individual piece of chocolate is infused with 0.5 gram of Golden Teacher mushrooms, allowing you to gradually control your dose.

Temple Scooby Snacks, also called Scooby Snax, Scoobies, or Scoobs are fun little pills that contain 250 mg of psilocybe cubensis, 125 mg of Bee Pollen and 125 mg of Ginseng. This combination of herbs provides a balanced and energetic experience.

Temple Magic Mushroom Tea Bags come in three different flavours: Earl Grey (Black Tea), Rooibos Chai (Herbal Tea), and Lemon Ginger Gunpowder (Green Tea). These organic tea blends will satisfy the most discerning tea drinkers. Each shrooms tea bag contains 1 full gram of Golden Teacher psilocybin mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis). Temple Tea’s aromatic blends taste delicious and take effect quickly.

Shafaa Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms Dark Chocolate Bar Edibles

Description| Buy Shafaa Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

Shafaa Penis Envy 6 gram Magic Mushrooms Dark Chocolate Bar Edibles is developed for the chocolate ​​connoisseur! By collaborating with expert chocolatiers SHAFAA has developed a premium quality, vegan dark chocolate bar. This tempered Callebaut chocolate is formulated to avoid the powdered texture and taste of mushrooms while maximizing the potency of the Penis Envy strain. Buy Shafaa Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

Each 100 gram chocolate bar contains 6 grams of premium Penis Envy magic mushroomsThe bar consists of 24 breakable pieces with 0.25 grams of Penis Envy magic mushrooms per piece, making it easy for both macrodosing and microdosing regimens.Buy Magic Mushrooms Online

Product Summary

  • Smooth and a tasty way to ingest magic mushrooms
  • Avoid the powdered texture and taste of mushrooms
  • Easily customize your dosage – each chocolate piece consists of 250 mg (0.25 gr) of Penis Envy mushrooms
  • Real Callebaut chocolate, vegan, non-GMO, no artificial flavors, no hydrogenated oil
  • Ingredients: Unsweetened Callebaut chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, non-GMO soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor, penis envy magic mushrooms.

Dosage Guideline & Recommendation:

This chocolate bar is ideal for both macrodosing and microdosing magic mushrooms.

Macrodosing: We recommend you to NEVER take more than 3.0 or 3.5g of the mushrooms alone in one sitting. In the chocolate bar, 3 grams is equivalent to half of the bar (12 pieces) and 3.5 gr would be 14 pieces. You can consider this bar for two heroic (3.0 gr dose) trips. Please allow between 45-60 min to feel the onset of the effects.

Microdosing: Microdosing is taking a sub-perceptual amount of magic mushroom for its therapeutic benefits over time. A typical microdosing regimen is between 25 mg to 150 mg of mushrooms. However, depending on how the mushroom affects your body, we’ve seen customers who take larger doses of up to 250 mg dose as well. This chocolate bar can be considered as 24 servings of 250 mg mushrooms. For smaller doses, we recommend breaking each piece by half for a 125 mg dose (48 servings in total).

Silo Jubes Microdose Psilocybin Mushroom Gummies Edibles

Introducing the Silo Jubes by Treat Leaf Edibles, the best microdose gummies on the market. Jubes are made with a proprietary blend of the highest grade psilocybin. Buy Silo Jubes Microdose Psilocybin

Silo Jubes Microdose Psilocybin Mushroom Gummies Edibles is a great choice for those who want to properly microdose with mushrooms because each gummy is accurately dose at 100mg per cube. Also good for the experienced user because you can control your dose.

These psilocybin-infused gummies come with 5 different flavors in a pack and 50 gummies total! Buy Silo Jubes Microdose Psilocybin

Assorted Flavours: 10 X Strawberry Lemonade, 10 X Blue Raspberry, 10 X Bumbleberry, 10 X Green Apple, and 10 X Wild Berry.

Each pack contains 50 cube pieces (100mg/piece), for a total 5,000 mg of magic mushrooms.

This item is Best Seller in following categories:

DESCRIPTION| Buy Silo Jubes Microdose Psilocybin

Introducing the Silo Jubes by Treat Leaf Edibles, the best microdose gummies on the market. Jubes are made with a proprietary blend of the highest grade psilocybin.

Silo Jubes Microdose Psilocybin Mushroom Gummies Edibles is a great choice for those who want to properly microdose with mushrooms because each gummy is accurately dose at 100mg per cube. Also good for the experienced user because you can control your dose.

These psilocybin-infused gummies come with 5 different flavours in a pack and 50 gummies total! Buy Silo Jubes Microdose Psilocybin

Assorted Flavours:

  • 10 pieces of Strawberry Lemonade
  • 10 pieces of Blue Raspberry
  • 10 pieces of Bumbleberry
  • 10 pieces of Green Apple
  • 10 pieces of Wild Berry

Each pack contains 50 cube pieces (100mg/piece), for a total 5,000 mg of magic mushrooms.

Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Filtered Water, Gelatin, Psilocybin Mushroom, Citric Acid, Coconut Oil, Natural and Artificial Flavour and Colour.

Shafaa Evolve Magic Mushroom Microdosing Gummy Bears

Shafaa’s Evolve Magic Mushroom Microdosing Gummies is a unique product in the market, thoughtfully designed to boost your cognitive capabilities and memory, while you are getting a dose of tasty and tender gummy! Formulated and produced by a recognized pastry chef, SHAFAA’s magic mushroom microdosing gummy bears has been produced after rounds of product testing iterations to keep potency, while covering the unpleasant taste of shrooms.

Premium home-grown Golden Teacher Psilocybin Mushrooms is offered in 100 mg dose in a format of mouthwatering homemade microdosing gummies! This formula is designed to enhance your overall mental health by increasing your ability to conduct coherent thoughts, deepening observations, providing focus and clarity, and boosting your memory.

Each bottle consists of 20 gummies (each gummy contains 100mg of shrooms):

  • Enhance your mood, clarity, and boost your creativity.
  • Each gummy contains 100 mg (0.1 grams) of a psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom as one microdosing dose.
  • Non-GMO, preservative free, gluten free natural gelatin gummies
  • Recommended regimen is two dose per week, or one every 2-3 days.

How To Buy Shrooms Online: Mitigating the Risk 

Follow the steps below when ordering Amanita mushroom gummies online. This can help ensure you find the most reputable Amanita vendors and avoid scams. You’ll have the best chance of receiving a high-quality product that’s safe to consume. Although we don’t recommend ordering psilocybin products online, these tips apply to purchasing illicit mushrooms as well.

1. Read the Descriptions Fully

Closely inspect the descriptions and ingredients list of any shroom product you’re interested in.

Unethical companies will often try to trick customers with language so they believe they’re purchasing a genuine Amanita or psilocybin product. Make sure the description and/or ingredients list explicitly states what the active ingredients are. Bonus points to companies that provide third-party lab test results that prove the contents of the product. 

Scammy companies will often use phrases like “500 mg of mushrooms per gummy” (or similar) rather than stating what kind of mushroom or extract is used. These companies may also have badly written descriptions that are either AI-generated or written by someone with a poor understanding of English.

When looking at Amanita gummies, make sure to check the descriptions and ingredients list for the source of muscimol. If the listing simply states “muscimol,” the gummies likely contain synthetic muscimol. If a description says something like “Amanita extract” or “muscimol from wild-harvested Amanita muscaria,” the product should be more trustworthy.

2. Assess the Company’s Reputation

Before spending money with any company, assess its reputation. Any legitimate shroom vendor or brand that’s been around a while will have positive reviews outside of the company’s website. 

Reddit is a good place to find genuine reviews of a company, regardless of whether they’re positive or negative. If a company is a scam or is selling a poor-quality product, a quick search on Google should reveal dozens of disgruntled customer reviews. 

3. Check the Payment Methods

Check the payment options available on the company’s website. Any legitimate brand will accept credit and debit card payments as well as other secure checkout options.

If the company only accepts cryptocurrency and wire transfers, this is a big red flag. If standard card payment isn’t available, it’s best to avoid the company. 

4. Assess Return Policy & Shipping Methods

Any reputable brand selling a high-quality product will have a return policy. If a company explicitly states “no returns,” they probably don’t believe in their product and expect people to want refunds.

Legitimate companies will also offer secure and discreet postage with a recognizable shipping company in your region. If the shipping company mentioned looks sketchy or is completely non-existent, avoid purchasing. 

5. Speak With the Company

If after these steps you’re still unsure of a company’s legitimacy, give customer service a message with a few questions. Ask about the active ingredients, advice on doses, or whether they have third-party lab data available. 

Any legitimate company will be happy to assist. If you don’t get a reply or receive a vague, non-informative response, it’s probably best to avoid purchasing anything. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Want to learn more about Amanita muscaria and other psychedelic fungi?

Have a read through the answers to some common questions we’ve received below:

1. Is It Safe to Forage Wild Mushrooms for Psychedelic Use?

Foraging for any type of mushroom, whether edible, gourmet, medicinal, or psychedelic, comes with risks. You should never harvest and consume any mushroom you don’t have a 100% positive ID on.

The danger comes when inexperienced people head out foraging without a good idea of how to properly identify a particular mushroom. Misidentifying a mushroom can have fatal consequences. Some species containing deadly amatoxins can look similar to psilocybin-producing species, such as Psilocybe cubensis and Psilocybe azurescens.

As well as the potential health risks of foraging psychedelic shrooms, there’s also a legal risk. Psilocybin is a restricted substance in most countries, and knowingly foraging for psilocybin-producing shrooms is considered a crime in many places. 

If you plan on foraging for wild psychedelic mushrooms, it’s important to educate yourself on local laws. You should also know how to identify the species you wish to find and any potential toxic look-alike species with 100% accuracy.

2. How Are the Effects of Amanita muscaria Unique?

Unlike typical “magic mushrooms,” Amanita muscaria doesn’t produce psilocybin. The psychoactive compound in prepared Amanita muscaria is muscimol. 

Muscimol can be considered psychedelic, but the effects are different from psilocybin and other classic psychedelic compounds. Rather than inducing vivid open-eye hallucinations, muscimol induces a dream-like sense of reality. 

After consuming Amanita muscaria, users may feel sedated, and time and size perception may become distorted. It can be difficult to distinguish reality from dreams, and during sleep, dreams often become exceptionally vivid and bizarre. 

3. How Many Species of Psilocybin Mushrooms Exist?

There are over 180 different species of psilocybin-producing fungi — magic mushrooms. Each of these species is unique in appearance and growth characteristics, but they all share the ability to produce psilocybin and its active metabolite psilocin. 

Most psilocybin mushroom species belong to the genus Psilocybe. This genus contains the most prevalent and potent magic mushroom species. 

Psilocybe cubensis is the most common species, growing wild across the globe. It’s also the easiest magic mushroom to grow, making it perfect for home growers and commercial cultivators. If you’ve purchased magic mushrooms before, they were likely P. cubensis

The most potent species (Psilocybe azurescens) also belongs to the genus. It’s capable of producing up to four times as much psilocybin as a typical P. cubensis shroom. 

Magic mushrooms also exist within other genera, such as PanaeolusConocybe, and Inocybe. Unlike Psilocybe species, not all the mushrooms in these genera produce psilocybin, and some may contain harmful toxins as well. 

4. What Are Magic Mushroom Strains? 

The most common species of magic mushroom is Psilocybe cubensis. This species is easy to grow, making it the ideal choice for home cultivators and commercial growers. 

Its ease of cultivation and prevalence in different habitats across the globe has led to hundreds of different genetic variants. P. cubensis is made up of over 100 different genetic variants, all with alterations in shape, size, growth characteristics, and tryptamine content. We call these variants “strains.”

Some strains, such as Penis Envy, are famed for their impressive potency and unique appearance. Other strains, such as Golden Teacher and B+, are famed for their ease of cultivation but not so much their potency. Furthermore, species like Albino Penis Envy, White Rabbit, and Avery’s Albino are popular because the fruits produced lack pigment — giving them a ghostly white appearance.

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