How To Buy Shrooms In DC 2024

How to buy shrooms in dc

Who isn’t curious about the magical world of mushrooms? Whether you’re a seasoned psilocybin explorer or a curious newbie, Where’s Shrooms is here to guide you on your journey to the whimsical world of shrooms and the magic happening in the heart of DC. Buy Shrooms

We’ll review the best dispensaries carrying magic mushrooms, the laws revolving around shrooms, and the best magic mushroom gifts!

Buying Shrooms In Washington, DC

Buying shrooms can be exciting, and the psychedelic scene has never been more thrilling. Thanks to the Fungus Policy Act of 2024, fungi have become the lowest law enforcement priority in the nation’s capital. The ballot has made exploring magic mushrooms and their magical properties easier! Most recreational dispensaries in DC now offer in-store browsing, online pickup orders, and even delivery for a convenient, hassle-free adventure! Buy Shrooms

Keep in mind not all dispensaries are transparent about their selection of mushrooms or if they even carry them. Here at Where’s Shrooms, we’ve done the legwork to find reputable local dispensaries. Make sure that instead of asking outright for shrooms, head straight to their gifting menu to discover which shroom products are available for I-81 gifting.

Best Magic Mushroom Dispensaries In DC

Here’s the best magic mushroom dispensary in DC!

Dreams Wellness

Dreams Wellness is a reputable cannabis and mushroom dispensary in Washington, DC. Explore their wide variety of mushroom products, from delectable gummies to soothing tea and perfect microdosing chocolates! This dispensary is known for its commitment to premium quality and fantastic customer service, ensuring the best magical experience! When shopping With Dreams Wellness, you can say goodbye to fillers and chemicals; everything is pure and clean. Dive into their shroom collection featuring Polkadot, Mr. Mushies, PSILONAUTS, and more!

Address1829 M St NW Suite 101, Washington, DC 20036


 • Sunday to Thursday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

 • Friday & Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Best Shroom Delivery In Washington DC

Looking for the best shroom delivery in DC? Here’s the best mushroom dispensary offering discreet and hassle-free delivery:

Trippy Wizard

Trippy Wizard is the top choice for mushroom delivery in Washington, DC. Trippy Wizard has earned its reputation as the go-to choice, offering premium magic mushroom-infused edible gifts and same-day fast delivery. Prepare to be blown away with Trippy Wizards’ extensive shroom menu, including over ten strains of dried mushrooms, such as the legendary Penis Envy, as well as decadent chocolate and fruity gummy-infused treats! To place your online delivery order, head to their website and click “Delivery,” add items to your cart, input your information, and voila! With Trippy Wizard, your hassle-free journey to a magical adventure is just a few clicks away!

Address1755 S St NW Unit A, Washington, DC 20009


 • Sunday – Thursday: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

 • Friday & Saturday: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Mushroom Products In DC

You’ll find many infused mushroom forms, such as fruity gummies, decadent chocolate bars, drinks, teas, capsules, and freeze-dried whole mushrooms. With over 200 species of fungi containing hallucinogenic properties, you’re sure to see a bunch of freeze-dried mushroom strains such as Albino Penis Envy, Shakti, Jedi Ape, Golden Bear, Texas Yellow Cap, and plenty more in DC! Each varies in strength and effects; some are great for beginners, and some are perfect for more experienced users. It’s essential to do your research and figure out which dried mushrooms are perfect for you!

Some brands of infused shroom gifts you’re sure to see in DC include the following: Polkadot, Mr.Mushies, AstroBar, SuperFungi, Trippy Bombs, and Sacred Fruits.

Understanding Magic Mushroom Laws In DC

Before setting out on your magic mushroom journey in DC, it’s important to understand the law Initiative 81, also known as the Fungus Policy Act of 2020. This act was passed by DC voters, allowing the decriminalization of psychedelic plants, including their possession and cultivation. These plants include those containing mescaline, ibogaine, and psilocin— such as psychedelic mushrooms, LSD, and ayahuasca. While these natural psychedelics aren’t federally approved, they are considered the lowest law enforcement priorities, giving users some leeway.

Understanding these rules ensures a safer and more informed experience for those exploring the psychedelic realm in the nation’s capital!

Here, you can read and learn more about the ballot initiative and Magical Mushroom Laws in the District of Columbia.

Buying Shrooms In DC -The Bottom Line

Buying mushrooms can be awesome, and the trip can be an unforgettable and changing experience! Understanding how to purchase and which dispensaries to purchase from is crucial to ensuring a safe shroom trip. Keeping in mind the laws regarding Psilocybin mushrooms is also important. You may purchase recreationally from Dreams Wellness or Trippy Wizard for a discreet delivery. Remember to refer to this guide to help you when embarking on your hallucinogenic journey!


What are some of the benefits of using magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms have a wide range of mental health benefits when used for therapeutic use. Things like anxiety, ADHD, and depression are all things users who microdosed and consumed magic mushrooms have seen improvement in. Psilocybin mushrooms are known to be a part of plant medicines offering therapeutic benefits.

What are the main effects of psychedelics?

The main effects of psychedelic plants include any of the following: Euphoria, Giggles, Hallucinations, Vivid Colors, Sense of Wonder, Deep Relaxation, Kaleidoscopic Visuals, Synesthesia, Perceptual Distortions, Sound Distortions, and more!

Do Mushroom Chocolate Bars Expire?

Everything has a shelf-life, so infused chocolate bars do expire. Darker chocolate lasts as long as two years, and lighter chocolates, like white milk chocolate, can last up to one year if stored properly. It’s also important to understand that the shelf life gives you an idea of how long the bars stay potent; after the 18-month mark, you can expect the mushroom-infused bars to lose their potency.

If products you purchased aren’t cured or made properly, after a while, they can begin to form mold. Make sure you’re purchasing from reputable dispensaries, and ensure your products do not contain mold if you set them aside for months. If you are unsure about it, toss it. Nothing is worth compromising your health.

Are shrooms legal in Washington, DC?

Yes! The ballot initiative 81 has decriminalized entheogenic plants, allowing shrooms to be gifted by licensed dispensaries.

Where can I safely and legally purchase shrooms in Washington, DC?

As listed above, you can safely and legally purchase shrooms in Washington, DC, from reputable dispensaries. Where’s Shrooms is your plug for finding high-quality mushrooms near you. 

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